“We don’t need NFTs. We don’t benefit from NFTs. The only anemic value gained upon purchasing an NFT is the ability to truthfully say, “I own this NFT” — a sentence with so little significance it’s laughable."

mask sketch 003

harmonique 3

harmonique 2

harmonique 1

spring 4/6

spring 2/3

spring 0/1

Mix 3: Fermata

A journey through power electronics, modern dub, contemporary classical, field recordings and shortwave radio broadcasts.

fill the sky with a tropical storm

delaunay triangulated abstract portrait

delaunay portrait 002

delauney triangulated portrait

delaunay portrait 001

Mix 2: Lovers Rock

Valentines Day Mix.

rock shock the boogie down to brighton, aight then

graphic design is shit, coding is shit, i just want revenge

abstract rendering of a face mask

mask sketch 002 (rammellzee)

"You can't get over something that is still happening"

abstract rendering of a face mask

mask sketch 001 (rammellzee)

Mix 1: Blue Hour

A mix I did for friends, a bit moody and deep.

Jewel 2