Jewel 1

come and play
bring the stars
play in the milky night

8 o’clock the lights are on at shea

surfer catching a wave

got the bass bins pumping from the back of my fleetwood

wreath 002c

wreath 002b

wreath of interconnected wires

wreath 002

skateboarder in mid-air

build a fort, set that on fire

human head rendered as a network of connected points

he goes by the name disco dave

wreath 001b

wreath 001

surfer turning into a wave

i ride the wave of fate, it dont ride me homes

multicolored lines

so ahead of my time my parents haven’t met yet

spiky blob render

mixed the bass ale with the guinness stout

man standing underneath a massive soft-box light

fluorescent light blackout

longboarders surfing off venice pier

party people going places on the D train

detail of grafitti wall / letters

i cop futures here

Detail of a stylized letter written in grafitti

euphoria is you for me

stacked multi-colored shipping containers

do the thing you love until it kills you